If you’re going through a rough time at the moment, these K-pop songs by EXO D.O., SEVENTEEN, X1, and more will surely give you strength and lift your spirits so that you can face the days ahead.

While K-pop is recognized for its upbeat, addicting songs and powerful dances, there are also tracks with inspirational lyrics, carrying a message of hope and encouragement.

In this article, we have compiled K-pop songs that can give you comfort and help you keep going in times of hardship.

Here are 10 K-pop Songs to Listen to When You’re Going through Something Difficult:

1. EXO D.O. – “That’s Okay”

EXO D.O. released “That’s Okay” on July 1, 2019, the same day as his military enlistment. It is an R&B song that merges the male idol’s warm voice with the sound of an acoustic guitar.

Co-written by EXO member D.O., “That’s Okay” tells the listeners to express their emotions when they are hurting and that the pain will eventually fade away as time passes by.

2. SEVENTEEN – “Hug”

“Hug” is sung by the vocal team of the boy group SEVENTEEN. This comforting ballad carries a message that there are people who will be there for you, who will be your shoulder to cry on, and will always give you a warm hug.

SEVENTEEN’s “Hug” was written by the vocal team leader, Woozi.

3. X1 – “I’m here for you”

Even though the project boy group X1 has disbanded, they have left fans a beautiful song they can listen to when they are feeling down.

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X1 created the song “I’m here for you” for fans to tell them that they are not alone. This piece acknowledges that you are hurting while it gives words of hope, comfort, and companionship.

4. NCT 127 – “Dreams Come True”

“Dreams Come True” is a bright song by NCT 127 that is about recognizing how far you have come and using that as your motivation to continue moving towards the future until you finally reach your dreams.

5. SHINee Key – “Imagine”

SHINee Key’s “Imagine” is an all-English song that recognizes the “magic” of love, which can create something spectacular in our life.

“Imagine” by Key tells the listeners that while we face difficulties in our everyday lives, we should look at the good side and appreciate our existence.

6. EXO – “Lights Out”

“Lights Out” was written by member Chen, who also sang the song with his fellow EXO members Suho, Baekhyun, and D.O.

EXO’s “Lights Out” is ideal for calming a troubled mind or healing a worried heart. In this song, the boy group advises the listeners to remain kind to themselves even if they are upset because each new day will be one step closer to the end of their problems.

7. VOISPER – “Keep Going”

VOISPER, a vocal group, is known for their soothing ballads, including “Keep Going.” This track focuses on the idea that you will be able to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles you encounter with the help of your loved ones.

8. SHINee Jonghyun – “End of a Day”

“End of a Day” is one of the many poetic songs composed by the late SHINee member Jonghyun. This track is meant to give comfort to those who are facing challenges or who had a long and tiring day full of struggles.

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9. BTS J-Hope – “P.O.P (Piece of Peace)”

“P.O.P” is written and produced by BTS member J-Hope along with Pdogg. The song expresses J-Hope’s desire to become a “piece” of someone’s personal “peace” through his music. It is his way to spread home to those who need it.

10. EDEN – “3 Things” (feat. Maddox)

“3 Things” by EDEN, a soloist and producer, points out that we are usually too hard on ourselves during rough times and details some ways to think positively.

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Written by Mhaliya Scott