As SHINee Jonghyun was known to write masterpieces for both his group and himself, the late idol also left amazing songs for other artists, all of which remain loved by music fans.

Read on to find out the songs he wrote for other artists.

6 Songs SHINee Jonghyun Wrote for Other Artists

1. Gloomy Clock – IU

Initially, Jonghyun wrote “Gloomy Clock” as a track for his album. But when he asked IU for feedback about its arrangement, the female singer immediately fell in love with the song and asked him to give her the song instead.

In particular, IU and Jonghyun both debuted in 2008. Aside from being second-gen batchmates, they were also friends for sharing the same interest in composing and writing their own music.

Within three hours, Jonghyun didn’t hesitate to sell it to his friend, and in 2013, IU released the song as part of her album, “Modern Times.”

2. Pretty Boy – SHINee Taemin ft. Kai

In 2014, Jonghyun’s co-SHINee member Taemin debuted as a solo artist with “Ace.” During its release, Taemin revealed that his album was special because it was made along with significant people around him, including TVXQ Changmin, Jonghyun, and EXO Kai.

Changmin wrote the lyrics for his track, “Ace.” Jonghyun then wrote the lyrics for “Pretty Boy,” featuring his best friend EXO Kai.

3. Playboy – EXO

If you’re a SHINee fan, you will know that EXO’s “Playboy” extremely sounds like a Jonghyun track! Well, in fact, it was indeed written by the “Poet|Artist” himself and was given to EXO.

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In 2019, EXO leader Suho expressed his admiration for the track, praising how great the song is, adding that the song plays a special place in his heart among others.

4. Breathe – Lee Hi

In 2016, Lee Hi’s “Breathe” was released as the title track for her album, “Seoulite.” At that time, Lee Hi was still under YG Entertainment. While he was working with EPIK HIGH’s Tablo, she asked for a comforting song.

In 2020, three years after the male idol’s passing, Lee Hi continuously expressed her grateful heart towards Jonghyun, saying, “This song comforts a lot of people, so I’m really thankful to Jonghyun for letting me sing this song.”

5. Red Candle – Son Dambi

In 2013, Son Dambi especially asked SHINee Jonghyun to join her special comeback with “Red Candle.”

It was then revealed that aside from being the song’s composer and lyricist, the the “Moon” singer also help Son Dambi during her recording as vocal director.

6. No More – No More

In 2015, Lim Kim’s third mini-album, “Simple Mind,” received attention after revealing that one of its tracks, “No More,” was written by SHINee Jonghyun.

According to reports, Jonghyun wrote the song to show appreciation for Lim Kim’s voice; Thus, the song was specially written while considering her unique sound.

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Written by Eunice Dawson