Among K-pop stars who currently dominate the acting industry, who has the best performance that truly broke the prejudice against “act-dols”? 

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On April 6, Korean media outlet Electronic Newspaper highlighted seven idol actors and actresses with “luxury acting.” The selected names are some of the top artists who have excellent acting skills among idol actors.

Thanks to them, they created a diverse portfolio of artists for themselves as well as their colleagues, proudly breaking the stereotype and prejudice that say, “idols should only be idols and shouldn’t cross the acting field.”

Top Luxury Idol Actors: EXO D.O., 2PM Junho, ASTRO Eunwoo, SF9 Rowoon

Among male idols, 2PM Junho, who debuted as idol in 2008, is now a significant personality in the acting scene.

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He has been in the acting arena for more than a decade, but due to the success of MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve,” Junho experienced his “second heydey” as an actor.

He’s particularly praised for expressing his character on point yet naturally through his perfect facial expressions and gestures.

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Next is EXO D.O., also known as Kyungsoo. He first gained attention for his appearance in the SBS drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” and later on climbed to the top of the industry for his consecutive hit movies, “My Annoying Brother,” “Along with the Gods” and “Swing Kids.”

He was selected as a notable actor not only by the public but also by film critics for his delicate and natural acting skills to the extent that he erased the prejudice against idol-actors.

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Lastly, SF9 Rowoon and ASTRO Eunwoo are also cementing their names as luxury idol actors. Rowoon especially solidified his presence as an actor with “The King’s Affection” in 2021.

While he initially attracted attention for his low and medium-pitched attractive voice, his 189-centimeter physical and refined visuals of the standard handsome man, he was later on acknowledged for his acting skills not only in Korea but globally.

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Cha Eun Woo is also recognized first for being a “Genius Idol” with top visuals, not for his acting skills. But after starring in JTBC’s “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” in 2018, “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” in 2019, and “True Beauty” in 2020, he established his name as a “Representative Romantic Comedy Actor.”

Top Luxury Idol Actresses: SNSD Yoona, Kim Sejeong, f(x) Krystal

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Among female idols, Yoona, a 15-year singer who debuted as Girls’ Generation “center,” and considered one of the many girl group role models, is also an artist who has been praised for her acting.

Along with her visuals, she attracts not only domestic but also global viewers with her great acting skills. Some of her notable works include “Exit,” “The King Loves,” “Love Rain,” and more.

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Kim Sejeong, a former I.O.I and Gugudan member, is also experiencing skyrocketing fame for her 2022 hit drama “Business Proposal.” Due to its popularity, she gained the modifier “Emma Watson of Korea.”

The idol-actress has been loved for her bright and positive energy in dramas “I Wanna Hear Your Song” and “School 2017.” But she proved her versatility after starring in “The Uncanny Counter” and “Business Proposal.”

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Last but not least, Newspim also cited Jung Soojung, also known as Krystal of (fx), as a representative idol-actress with luxury acting. She is currently appearing in KBS2’s “Crazy Love” and has been capturing hearts with her natural expressions while taking revenge in the drama.

She is said to have created synergy with her visual strengths, topicality, and stable acting, which has emerged as a wannabe of many female fans since she was in a girl group.

With her current drama, Krystal made another achievement by successfully overlaying a feminine and mature image.

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