Despite their different techniques when singing, these male idols including BTS V, NCT Haechan, etc. possess the most unique vocal tone among other singers!

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On April 3, DC Inside x MyCelebs released the results for the first week vote of Exciting DC in April. From March 27 to April 2, the data-gathering platform organized a survey under the theme, “Which idol possesses a wonderful tone that captivates the ears?”

The aim of the poll is to determine male idols who have the most unique and beautiful sound when singing in the K-pop scene.

Lee Seung Yoon, BTS V, ENHYPEN Sunoo Dominate Top 3 Idols with Wonderful Tone

At the end of the voting period, Lee won first place with 22,473 votes (61.65 percent).

According to MyCelebs, Lee Seung Yoon’s charming keywords were “impressive lyrics,” “hot topics,” “receiving enthusiastic responses from viewers,” “receiving enthusiastic responses,” “receiving a standing ovation,” and “sincere applause.”

Following Lee Seung Yoon, BTS V got 9,643 votes (26.45%). The singer is known for being one of the best baritones among K-pop idols. Nevertheless, he also broke the stereotype that idols who sing with their lower register can not sing high notes. In fact, V can easily and smoothly hit falsettos as well! One word to describe his voice? HEAVENLY!

Among the top 3, ENHYPEN Sunoo proved that he is the leading fourth-gen K-pop with his wonderful vocal tone. In the survey, the young idol gained 3, 519 votes (9.65%). Among members, Sunoo has a wider vocal range which explained why he’s sure to slay any concept given to the group. He also has a pure and unique sound that can immediately touch a listener’s heart.

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Top 8 Male Idols With Wonderful Vocal Tone

Aside from the top 3, Ha Sung Woon, a former member of HOTSHOT and Wanna One entered the fourth place. With his clear as cloud voice, it is hard not to love him as soon as you hear him sing.

In fifth place is TREASURE Park Jeong Woo. Although the idol is surely experimenting with his vocal techniques, the “DARARI” singer possesses a nice vocal tone with great potential to become a K-pop vocal powerhouse.

In sixth place is NCT Haechan. Since his debut, Haechan was always praised for his one-of-a-kind vocal tone. No special vocal technique is needed. The “Glitch Mode” can mesmerize anyone even with him casually singing!

Lastly, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and Stray Kids I.N. completed the rankings in seventh and eighth place, respectively. Both of them have healing voices, the kind of vocals you would like to comfort you during hard times.

Full List of Idols with Wonderful Tone That Captivates Ears

Lee Seung Yoon



Ha Sung Woon

TREASURE Park Jeong Woo

NCT Dream Haechan

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan 

Stray Kids I.N.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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