Striking while the iron is hot, aespa has made an over-the-top comeback with “Savage” that leveraged the girl group into fame. However, instead of their amazing MV, another video of member Giselle is going viral instead!

In a video that has since been reshared and received over 3.5 million views, members Giselle, Karina, and Ningning were shown listening and dancing to SZA’s “Love Galore” while on set.

However, the seemingly innocent BTS cut of the members immediately evolved into the biggest online controversy with international fans, including their fandom MYs, demanding an apology.

The issue mainly garnered more attention due to the fact that the company blatantly took down the video after they saw the stir of commotions occurring in the comments- instead of addressing the issue first with responsibility in mind.

With Aespa being an international group themselves and bridging international fans closer to K-Pop since debut, fans are hurt to see the members oblivious to the issue of saying the “n-word” – whether it is lip-synced or not.

Now, fans are demanding not only clarification from SM Entertainment but also an immediate apology from the girls or else they threaten to cancel aespa before they can even fully reach their potential fame.

View the controversial video below and share your thoughts below.

While some fans feel upset by the matter, there are many other fans who, in light of the issue, believe the situation is entirely exaggerated and that the toxic cancel culture is, again, taking out anyone who makes a mistake whether they are aware they did so or not.

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Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter, with mixed opinions flooding the threads of the hot topic issue.


With more and more issues in Korea becoming subjected to the harsh effects of cancel culture, such as with Kim Seon-ho and his abortion issue, many fans of the beloved music genre deeply ponder if cancel culture is becoming a toxic action plaguing the entertainment community rather than doing it any good.

One fan made a popular point saying, “About lip-sync the n-word. I totally understand why I, as a white person, should not use it. But I do not understand why artists keep putting it in the songs, if they know not only Black people listen to their music. If you do not want people to swear (F**k, for example) during your songs do not include swear words in the songs. People usually sing to the song automatically, if they like it. I just do not understand…”

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Lastly, you can also show your support for aespa by watching their new MV “Savage” below!