“Rookie Monster” group aespa is receiving praise from netizens for showing a tight-knit relationship.

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aespa Receives Praise for Having Close Bond with Each Other

Recently on October 7, a post on the popular online community forum, Pann Nate, has been gaining a lot of attention with over 73,800 views and over a hundred comments

The post, which is titled, “aespa looks so close with each other,” shares candid pictures of the four SM Entertainment girl group members – Karina, Giselle, Ningning, and Winter as they go about their day spending time with each other.


(Photo : Twitter: @better_0411)


(Photo : Asia Today)

In addition, they can be seen walking closely and linking arms with each other in all of the pictures as they go about their schedules and personal time.


(Photo : Pann Nate)


(Photo : Pann Nate)

Netizens who saw the pictures praised the four-member group, with many commenting how cute aespa is for linking their arms together. A netizen also mentioned how the aespa members likes to share all of their things in their dorm, stating that it can only be possible if they are really close. While others also commended SM Entertainment for having artists that form a tight-knit bond with their fellow group members.

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aespa Makes Highly-Anticipated Comeback with ‘Savage’

Meanwhile, back on October 5, “Rookie Monster” group aespa made their highly-anticipated comeback with the release of their first extended play “Savage,” which features a total of six new tracks: their title track of the same name, “Aenergy,” “I’ll Make You Cry,” “Yeppi Yeppi,” “Iconic,” and “Lucid Dream.”

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aespa Savage

(Photo : Facebook: aespa)

“Savage” is a trap song that features drums and basses; “I’ll Make You Cry” is a dance track that showcases a unique rhythm with its synth sounds; “Yeppi Yeppi” features a mix of the trance, trap, deep house, and synth wave genres, with its lyrics sending a positive message that encourages self-love and happiness; while “Iconic” is a dance track that includes energetic drum sounds.

Following the album’s release, “Savage” topped numerous domestic music charts, attaining No. 1 on MelOn, Genie, and Bugs’ real-time charts.

“Savage” also saw success internationally, taking the top spot on QQ Music’s real-time chart in China and AWA’s real-time chart in Japan.


(Photo : News1)

In addition, the album also placed No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Album chart in 17 different countries and regions, such as Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mongolia, Oman, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Savage” surpassed 50 million views as of October 8 at approximately 1:30am.

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