Following their win in SBS “Inkigayo,” aespa’s encore stage for “Savage” receives an explosive response from viewers as it indirectly slammed the allegation that the quartet lip-syncs during supposedly live performances.  

On SBS’s “Inkigayo,” which aired on October 24, aespa took home first place with their new song “Savage.”

Following the girl group’s encore stage, viewers reacted enthusiastically and praised the members’ live vocals – and the “Rookie Monster” group completely erased the suspicion of them lip syncing.

aespa Lip Syncs? Members Quashes Suspicion With Live and Stable Vocals for ‘Savage’ Encore

aespa Slams Lip Sync Allegation with 'Savage' Encore for 'Inkigayo' After They Won 1st Place

(Photo : aespa (News1))

After the broadcast on Sunday, the SBS YouTube channel released aespa’s “Encore Cam.” In the video, aespa showed their amazing singing skills.

Earlier, aespa was suspected of lip-syncing with the same live skills as the sound source, criticizing the members, particularly the main vocals NingNing for allegedly not singing live.

However, in the video, admiration poured out for their better live skills and ad-lib than the sound source.

NingNing and Winter effortlessly reached high notes of the song, while Karina and Giselle perfectly showcased their rap skills.

In response, viewers praised the female idols, with comments made like: “Their lip-sync controversy ended,” “Did they eat an actual CD?,” “Their live performance is even better,” “They tore the stage up with their skills,” and, “I thought they played the music.”

aespa Slams Lip Sync Allegation with 'Savage' Encore for 'Inkigayo' After They Won 1st Place

(Photo : aespa (News1))

Meanwhile, member Giselle is embroiled in a different issue after allegedly lip-syncing the “N-word” while singing to SZA’s “Love Galore.”

Following the backlash, SM Entertainment took down the footage. However, people still demand a proper apology from the agency and members as the act offended and hurt the black community.

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aespa ‘Savage’ Breaks Another Record as the MV Surpasses 100 Million Views

aespa (Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing) achieved numerous feats with the release of their first mini-album “Savage” on October 5.

In just 15 days, the “Next Level” singers became half-million sellers after they sold 510,000 copies of “Savage.”

aespa Slams Lip Sync Allegation with 'Savage' Encore for 'Inkigayo' After They Won 1st Place

(Photo : aespa (News1))

aespa also penetrated the U.S. music market as they became the highest K-pop girl group in the U.S. Billboard’s main charts “Billboard 200” and “Artist 100.”

Along with this, aespa’s “Savage” music video got 100 million views in just 17 days — breaking their fastest personal record to achieve the aforementioned number of views.

This is 15 days earlier than its previous hit track, “Next Level,” which exceeded 100 million views in 1 month and two days.

With their consistent rise in both domestic and global charts, aespa is expected to become K-pop’s leader of the 4th gen K-pop.

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Written by Eunice Dawson