Following a wave of lip-syncing allegations against aespa, Winter effectively shut down all the rumors in a recent “Dreams Come True” performance. Keep on reading for all the details.

aespa Winter Claps Back Against Lip-Syncing Rumors in Recent ‘Dreams Come True’ Performance

During the year-end award ceremonies and music shows, aespa became the victim of lip-syncing allegations. People stated that from their debut until now, the number of times they sang live could be counted in one hand. This earned aespa flak, with people saying they lacked respect for the audience, as they are genuinely talented in singing but never show off their live vocals.


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However, that seems to have changed. During aespa’s appearance of “Dreams Come True” on “Inkigayo” on January 9, a clip of Winter allegedly not singing her line on purpose has surfaced, with people saying it is her silently shutting down the lip-syncing rumors. Many believe that she did not forget her line and did not sing on purpose.

In the song, Winter has to sing the lyrics “You gotta be mind” before singing “Dreams Come True.” However, when it was her turn, Winter stayed silent, looking straight into a camera with a coy smile on her face. Many believe that this is Winter’s response to the flood of criticisms concerning lip-syncing. If aespa were actually lip-syncing, the line “You gotta be mine” would be heard despite how Winter’s lips did not move, but the line could not be heard.


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

This has led people to believe that aespa did not lip-sync as much as people claim they have. The members are all vocally trained and have good techniques, and people often mistake that for lip-syncing. Through Winter’s small but brave action, aespa’s supporters hope that the lip-sync allegation will subside, and non-fans will have a change of perspective in terms of the group’s singing ability.

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Some comments concerning Winter’s actions read, “Winter did it on purpose. Just look at her face,” “Only SM fans know the difference between lip-syncing and live,” “SM artists do not wince and sing very comfortable when singing high notes,” “Winter didn’t sing to prove aespa doesn’t lip-sync,” “She is a cool unnie,” and “Winter purposely didn’t sing to show that her mic is on.”

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aespa Recent Activities

aespa members Karina and Winter debuted with the SM Entertainment supergroup GOT (Girls on Top) the Beat with the single “Step Back” on January 3, 2022.

aespa released their cover of S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True” on December 20. The song was choreographed by labelmate and senior BoA. The music video was filmed by Lucid colour and featured the same holographic butterflies and wings as seen in S.E.S.’s music video.


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

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