On November 20, BLACKSWAN held a live stream through their official YouTube channel. There, the members apologized for their recent bullying controversy, and Leia announced she would return to Brazil for her hiatus. Keep on reading for all the details.

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BLACKSWAN Apologizes for Recent Controversy on Live Stream

On November 20, BLACKSWAN held a live stream to celebrate the end of their promotions for “Close to Me.” During the live stream, the members discussed their recent controversy. Previously, a fan base claimed Fatou was bullying Leia, and the latter was seen liking shady tweets.

Fatou Leia

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Fatou denied all these accusations on Twitter and accused Leia of being manipulative, lying, and gaslighting. Since then, DR Music Entertainment has released a statement saying they have discussed the matter and resolved it among themselves. It was also noted that the racist attacks against their members were discouraged and not tolerated.

During the live stream, leader Yongheun apologized for the controversy once again, stating the members wanted to convey their feelings to their fans in person. Yongheun explained that during promotions for “Close to Me,” the members were very busy and stressed, leading them to become stressed.

Fatou Leia

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The culmination of this and the incidents among the members spurred the fight on Twitter. Yongheun revealed the members discussed the situation for almost a whole day, trying to resolve the issue. They have come to a solution that best suits everyone.

Judy also reiterated Yongheun’s statements and apologized for the controversy.

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DR Music Entertainment Releases Statement Concerning BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia’s Bullying Controversy

(Photo : BLACKSWAN Instagram)

Fatou expressed regret over the controversy but claimed the things she stated on Twitter were true. Despite that, Fatou noted the conflict between the members was resolved. Fatou revealed she was disappointed by the discrimination and racism that stemmed from the situation. Still, she apologized that the controversy had happened.

BLACKSWAN Leia Apologized for Recent Controversy + Reveals She Will Return to Brazil

During the live stream, Leia confirmed that the October 25 event that Fatou mentioned in her now-deleted Twitter statement (where Fatou exploded on Leia due to the latter’s denial of behavior issues) really happened. Leia stated that she informed her family about the fight between her and Fatou and, due to cultural differences, Leia’s family assumed Fatou was bullying her.

Leia Fatou

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This led Leia’s family members to contact a Brazilian fan base and accuse Fatou of bullying Leia. The Brazilian-Japanese idol noted she did not help the situation by liking fan tweets and not tackling the rumors. Because of her actions, she apologized to Fatou, Judy, and Yongheun.

Leia also revealed in the live stream that she would be returning to Brazil after promotions for “Close to Me” end. She will be returning home to visit her family, rest, and take care of her mental health. While not explicitly stated, it was assumed Leia will be taking a hiatus from BLACKSWAN. It is unknown when she will return to South Korea.

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