BTS Jimin’s self-made merch is now out of stock on the designated online stores, one of which is the Weverse Shop that instantly crashed upon the items’ release.

BTS Jimin’s Self-Made Merch Sells Out and Causes the Weverse Shop to Crash

On Jan. 18, Jimin became the fifth BTS member to release the merch he made, following Jin, RM, V and Suga. The group has been releasing new merchandise personally designed by the members under its Artist-Made Collection and the goods have become must-have items among ARMYs.

BTS Jimin Hoodie

(Photo : Twitter: @HYBE_MERCH)

BTS Jimin’s self-made merch includes a purple hoodie that was priced at 99,000 won (approximately $83) and a set of hoop earrings that cost 75,000 won (nearly $63). Both items were made available in several online stores including the Weverse Shop.

At exactly 11 a.m. KST, the time when Jimin’s earrings and hoodie were officially released, the Weverse Shop server instantly crashed as a massive number of ARMYs across the globe attempted to access the app simultaneously to purchase the items.

BTS Jimin Earrings

(Photo : Twitter: @HYBE_MERCH)

The crashing of the Weverse Shop had not happened with the previous releases of BTS members’ self-designed merch. Even the BTS Japan official shop crashed due to heavy access.

In addition to this, Jimin’s purple hoodie and earrings had reportedly sold out within seconds of its release. However, some fans are claiming that the goods were sold out in just one second, while others said that they were out of stock even before they went on sale.

With the high demand for BTS Jimin’s self-made merch, the group’s agency HYBE announced that it is “positively considering” releasing more stock in the future. They added that the decision will be revealed soon at Weverse Shop.

On the day Jimin’s earrings and hoodie were released, the BTS member dominated Twitter as the items were sold out at an unbelievable speed. Several keywords such as “SOLD OUT,” “Paypal,” “jimins,” “DESIGNED BY JIMIN, “Hoodie,” “Weverse,” “Hybe,” “LOVE YOU JIMIN” as well as hashtags like #BY_JIMIN,” “#BTSJIMIN,” “#ParkJimin” and more trended worldwide and in South Korea.

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BTS Jimin Merch

(Photo : Twitter: @weverseshop)

Some of these keywords and hashtags even took top spots on trends as ARMYs around the world expressed their joy and disappointment for being to get or failing to get the BTS Jimin’s self-made merch.

Were you able to obtain Jimin’s purple hoodie or his set of hoop earrings?

BTS Jimin Enters the Latest Gaon Social Chart, Showing His Impact on Social Media Again

For the week ending on Jan. 15, BTS member Jimin achieved his first entry to the weekly Gaon Social Chart, which ranks artists based on their performances on different platforms such as YouTube, Mubeat, TikTok, MyCeleb and V Live.

BTS Jimin Butter

(Photo : Facebook: BTS) Jimin

On the latest chart, Jimin debuted at No. 34. Her charm keywords include “amazing,” “outstanding,” “cute,” “beautiful,” “lovely” and “dazzling.”

Although BTS member Jimin has no TikTok or personal V Live accounts, he continues to be famous on the platforms. On Jan. 16, his hashtag exceeded 84 billion views on TikTok, maintaining his position as the second-most viewed individual. His “Bang Bang Concert” promotion video surpassed 120 million views on Jan. 5.

BTS Jimin Butter

(Photo : Facebook: BTS) Jimin

Jimin’s solo songs are also garnering popularity on TikTok, with “Filter” remaining the most-used sound of all BTS solo tracks and seventh most-used overall. “Filter” has been used in over 379,000 videos as of Jan. 18.

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Written by Mhaliya Scott