Recently, BTS V retook the MBTI test to find out his personality, where he found out that his personality type has changed!

Do you and V have the same personality type? Keep on reading to find out!

BTS V Reveals New MBTI Personality Type on Weverse

Recently, on October 20, BTS V took to the global fan community platform, Weverse, to update fans on his latest happenings.

During his time on the platform, V revealed that he retook the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a test which determines which of the 16 types of personalities one falls under.


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In the past, V had revealed that he had an ENFP personality type. ENFP types, or “The Champion,” are those who are enthusiastic and imaginative, and sees life as something full of possibilities.In addition, they are the type to show their support and appreciation, while wanting affirmation from others. They are also the type to be spontaneous and flexible.

However, according to V’s new post on Weverse, which showed his MBTI test results, he is now an INFP-T, also known as “Mediator.”


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BTS V’s new MBTI test results

What is the INFP, BTS V MBTI?

INFP are those who are idealistic, and are loyal to the people and values that are important to them. They also tend to be introverted, but can easily adapt and be accepting as long is it’s in line with their values.

INFP types are also creative, imaginative, and can be a driver for implementing new ideas, which is something that ARMY can see all the time from V. From his unique character design of BT21’s “Tata,” to basically being like the CEO of Weverse with his spontaneous and fun “demands” for staff to work on (even with a deadline!).

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As INFP are the type of people who value creative self-expression, a lot of people that fall under this personality type are artists, writers, designers, psychologists, actors, and more. And V is definitely suited for this type as he often shows his love for art, fashion, and photography. His job itself is a singer and actor!


(Photo : Twitter: @bts_twt)


This personality types also seeks to understand other people and help them reach their full potential, and have deep empathy and relationships with others, such as with his fellow BTS members – especially his best friend, Jimin!

When it comes to romantic relationships, those who are INFP tend to be considered “hopeless romantics,” as they struggle to become close with a potential romantic partner and may have high standards.

However, once they form a relationship, they have a strong sense of loyalty!

Do you and V have the same personality type?

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