During her TMI News appearance, Lee Chaeyeon revealed her honest feelings after joining Mnet Street Woman Fighter.

Did she regret joining the show? Keep on reading to know! 

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Lee Chaeyeon

On the latest TMI News broadcast, which aired on September 15, Lee Chaeyeon appeared as a special guest reporter, along with rapper GREE.

In the show, the MCs and guests revealed the Top 8 stars with celebrity relatives and family members.

In context, GREE is the son of comedian Kim Gu Ra, while Lee Chaeyeon is the sister of ITZY Lee Chaeryeong.

There, Chaeyeon also discussed her current status after joining Mnet Street Woman Fighter, where she received mixed reactions.

Lee Chaeyeon Conveys Thoughts About Her Participation in Mnet Street Woman Fighter

Chaeyeon Opens Up About Being Selected as the 'Weakest' in 'Street Woman Fighter' + Reveals Treatment from Other Dancers

(Photo : Chaeyeon (News1))

Lee Chaeyeon on TMI News

The former IZ*ONE member showed shocking confidence about her participation in Mnet’s survival reality show, Street Woman Fighter

In particular, the show initially targeted professional dancers, but it attracted more attention after Lee Chaeyeon, who is an idol dancer, joined the reality program.

The MCs began the topic by asking about her fourth survival show, curious about her thoughts.

Lee Chaeyeon answered, “I have this appearance-resistant style personality. People think that I am weak, but I am in fact, have a strong mentality.”

Chaeyeon Opens Up About Being Selected as the 'Weakest' in 'Street Woman Fighter' + Reveals Treatment from Other Dancers

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When asked about being pointed out as the “weakest” participant in the show where she also cried, Lee Chaeyeon admitted her real feelings at that time.

She responded, “I didn’t even dive myself in the dancer scene. In the beginning, there was a prejudice that I was an idol.”

However, regarding the treatment that she’s now getting from the other dancers, Chaeyeon clarified, “But now, we are filming in a warm atmosphere.”

The WANT crew member then attested their win, saying, “Our team has a high number of views. We are aiming at the championship and are continuously practicing.”

More K-pop Idols – Choi Yo Jung, LOONA Yves, SNSD Sooyoung, and More – to Appear in Mnet Street Woman Fighter

Amid the controversy of idols joining the show aimed at professional dancers, WANT Crew (Chaeyeon’s team) will feature top stars like Lee Young Ji, Weki Meki Choi Yoo Jung, and LOONA Yves in the Mega Crew mission.

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In addition to them, SNSD Sooyoung will also appear in the dance video of the HOOK crew.

Chaeyeon Opens Up About Being Selected as the 'Weakest' in 'Street Woman Fighter' + Reveals Treatment from Other Dancers

(Photo : WANT Crew (Instagram))

In response, some viewers pointed out that this is an unfair “cheat key.” This is because the number of video views and likes is an important indicator of the crew’s victory or defeat.

Some also responded, “I heard it’s a festival only for dancers, but isn’t the talk of the town taking it as an idol?” and, “I understand the level of support, but it’s an unfair play since groups with appearances of idols will have more number of views.”

In response, WANT leader Hyojin Choi personally explained through a YouTube video comment.

“The reason I was with idol friends is that if dancers were always active as the backup of singers/idols, I wanted to create a stage regardless of the singer and backup,” adding, “In the end, I wanted to convey that there was no wall between dancers and singers to create a great stage.”

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