Epik High Tablo, a former YG Entertainment artist received the complaints of some BLINKs after allegedly shading BLACKPINK on Twitter. Keep reading to know how the controversy started.

Epik High Tablo Criticized by ‘BLINK’ on Instagram – Here’s How He Responded

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : Tablo (Instagram))

On the morning of April 22, an international Instagram user, who is believed to be a BLINK (BLACKPINK fan) personally released the contents of a direct message (DM) they sent to Tablo’s Instagram.

As if bragging, they showed the reply they received from the “Tomorrow” singer where he seemed like he had lost his words after receiving the message and only wrote:

“Oh wow…”

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : alleged BLINK message (Wikitree))

The message that the international fan conveyed to Tablo implied that the senior idol will never be on the same level as BLACKPINK, humiliating him for having a “dead crowd” during their Coachella performance in 2016.

The fan went on by emphasizing that he might be afraid because the quartet’s videos have more views than Epik High’s MVs.

Eventually, Tablo’s daughter Haru was even mentioned, rudely calling her, “little brat.” The information related to the message was known when the overseas user who sent it directly authenticated it on their SNS.

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : comments on Tablo’s Instagram )

Since it was a random terrorist message to Tablo, internet users and even fans from other fandoms can’t hide feeling disappointed for the said fans.

In fact, a lot of ARMYs (BTS fans) went on by sending “purple hearts” on his Instagram and Twitter to convey their support for him and High Skools (fandom of Epik High).

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Epik High Tablo Receives Mixed Reactions After THIS Post on Twitter – Here’s How the Issue Started

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : Tablo (Instagram))

In particular, the “clash” between the “Rosario” singer and BLINKs sparked when Tablo posted a photo of his personal Twitter, allegedly an indirect attack towards BLACKPINK.

The context of the photos showed foreign media quoting that Tablo would stand at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival for the second time since 2016.

The foreign media headlines shared by Tablo include “Epik High being the first K-pop artist to take the stage at Coachella in 2016” and the “First Korean group to be invited back to Coachella in 2022.”

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : Epik High (Instagram))

Although it was an innocent post and BLACKPINK was not mentioned in the post in any way as well, internet users assumed that some BLINKs felt inferior after seeing the post of Tablo.

As a background, Coachella 2022 became a hot topic among K-pop fans after 2NE1 reunited at the festival followed by aespa announcing their participation in the event as first K-pop girl group to perform on Coachella’s main stage.

Did Epik High Tablo 'Shade' BLACKPINK? Here's What Really Happened

(Photo : BLACKPINK (News1))

BLINKs then started to reminisce how BLACKPINK took the stage at the 2019 Coachella Festival, making it one of the most iconic stages at the festival as the first female K-pop group to be invited at the event.

Apparently, some internet users “triggered” BLINKs when they mentioned Epik High as the first-ever group to attend to event. It made BLACKPINK appear secondary.

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Eventually, some BLINKs felt the quartet was being discredited for this achievement. Just then,  Epik High Tablo’s post the photo in question on his Twitter without context, making him a target then.

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