Yuju is welcomed as Konnect Entertainment’s new member of the family after signing a contract with Kang Daniel and CL’s agency. 

Former GFriend Yuju signs a contract with Konnect Entertainment

Konnect Entertainment announced on September 1 that they recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, formerly of GFRIEND.

Yuju debuted in 2015 and she has been loved as the main vocalist of the group GFRIEND. She is considered a vocalist who can reinterpret her own style as well as innate rhythm, tone and a wide range.

This contract is a starting point, and it is the second act of a musical life that could become even more distinct even before the successful group began.


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Yuju stated that she is reassured to be with Konnect Entertainment. The artist has a heart of sincere respect and positive energy.

Konnect Entertainment has been growing fast since it was founded along with Daniel Kang as the main artist and outstanding experts at home and abroad have gathered together.

He recently started working with CL and Chancellor in order to widen the agency’s artist line-up. Furthermore, Yuju, who has shown a spectacular presence in the K-Pop scene, is also being welcomed, thus expanding a more diverse range.

GFriend’s Disbandment and Departure from Source Music

Last May, GFRIEND left a lot of K-Pop fans stunned by the announcement that the six-member girl group is disbanding, six years and four months after their debut.

Source Music stated on May 18 that they express their deepest gratitude towards the fans who loved GFriend. They also wish a lot of love and applause for the members who will push through with their new activities in different fields. GFRIEND’s management contract ended on May 22.

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A wave of surprise swept across all K-Pop communities as Source’s announcement was the least expected by fans. It is especially when the agency has been acquired by HYBE, the agency who handles BTS, in 2019. The acquisition has raised hopes that GFriend can finally hit the global music scene.

Source Music did not reveal the exact reasons for GFRIEND’s disbandment, however, fans have speculated that the girl group fell victim to a deep slump in the entertainment industry. Also, a lot of K-Pop groups have canceled their concert tours and offline events because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The entertainment agencies make massive profits from concerts and performance events. However, only major K-Pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK are capable of holding online concerts to attract millions of fans all over the world. Other bands have no choice but to endure and wait for the pandemic to be over.

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