BamBam is just one of the GOT7 members with rare news about dating. He had no relationships announced to the public over the past seven years since his debut, considering the strict three-year dating ban implemented by JYP Entertainment.

Additionally, the rapper doesn’t frequently talk about his love life. These caused the fans to be more curious whether he has someone special, and so one time, they thought it was Red Velvet Irene!

Continue reading to know the truth behind the dating rumors involving GOT7 BamBam and Red Velvet Irene.

GOT7 BamBam Dating Rumors with Red Velvet Irene

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Was GOT7 BamBam in a Relationship with Red Velvet Irene?

Back in 2015, GOT7 member BamBam was speculated to be in a relationship with Red Velvet member Irene because of his profile description on his personal Instagram account.

His Instagram profile description changed from a cake emoji to the letters IR, then to emojis of a heart, eyes, and ring (in particular order).

Some netizens began to speculate that the cake emoji on GOT7 BamBam’s Instagram referred to Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake,” which was released in 2015. They also pointed out that the letters “IR” was pertaining to Red Velvet Irene.

Red Velvet Irene

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Many claimed that it was the male rapper’s “lovestagram” toward the female idol. The dating rumors involving GOT7 member BamBam and Red Velvet member Irene spread like wildfire on many K-pop forums.

Not long after, BamBam replied to a fan’s comment under his Instagram post. The fan’s comment stated that it was okay if he likes Irene, who is her bias in Red Velvet. GOT7’s rapper, however, responded that he doesn’t like the female artist in that way, denying his relationship with Irene.

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GOT7 Bambam

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The dating rumors about BamBam and Irene eventually died down, and the male idol had no other dating issues after that until he was linked to TWICE Mina in 2017.

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GOT7 BamBam’s Current Relationship Status and Ideal Type

At present, GOT7 member BamBam is believed to be single. He has not been spotted dating anyone in public and he has not mentioned his love life in any TV or radio programs.

GOT7 Bambam

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When picking a partner, BamBam revealed that his ideal type is a cute girl with big eyes and heart. He wants a girl who he can enjoy staring at when they are together. He added that the girl has to be beautiful when she smiles.

GOT7 BamBam also said that he wants a girl with a good sense of humor and would laugh at his jokes or when he would prank her. As many fans know, the Thai rapper is someone who often jokes around and is always energetic, which would sometimes cause Jay B to get mad.

GOT7 Bambam

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Moreover, BamBam wants a girl who is supportive and loves to embark on adventures with him. To make him smile, the girl needs to say he is the most handsome man while looking into his eyes.

Which female K-pop idol do you think fits GOT7 BamBam’s ideal type?

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