HYBE Faces Controversy Following LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s ‘Underboob’ Fashion

HYBE once again faces another controversy on the sexualization of LE SSERAFIM following leader Kim Chaewon’s outfit in their latest video. What happened?

On April 11, a video of LE SSERAFIM’s “FEARLESS SHOW,” was released on the YouTube channel of HYBE LABELS.

In the video, the members of the six-member group were seen walking on the runway along with choosing their own costumes and concept. The members in the video wear various costumes such as black dresses and bra tops to flaunt their walk.

HYBE Criticized for LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon’s Underboob Fashion Despite Age

Amid the gorgeous visuals of the members and their stunning fashion ensembles, Kim Chaewon’s underboob outfit in the teaser video of the group is a hot topic.

In her part, the leader of the group walks the long runway wearing a black bra top, a short miniskirt, and a tweed jacket.

(Photo : Chaewon (Twitter))

On top of her visuals, what shocked internet users and viewers was her outfit slightly revealing her lower chest.

In particular, underboob fashion is a style that exposes the lower part of the chest. Pop singers Rihanna, Beyonce, models Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hollywood star Kylie Jenner introduced this fashion trend. In Korea, BLACKPINK Jennie has drawn attention for bringing the trend to the K-pop scene.

(Photo : Chaewon (Twitter))

Initially, fans expressed that there’s no problem with it since the group’s concept is being “FEARLESS” which means being bolder, confident, and taking any challenge without minding what the world will say.

“I think she’s wearing the same collection outfit.”

“Didn’t Jennie wear it?”

“Pop singers expose everything at all, so I wonder what it has to do with it.”

“I think we need to be bolder and more confident in exposure.”

(Photo : Chaewon (Twitter))

However, those who criticized HYBE and the style coordinator under the company emphasized that Kim Chaewon, who was born in 2000 was only 21 years old this year. Exposing even the lower part of her chest is too much exposure at a young age.

Internet users say:

“Do you take children as *** goods?”

“Don’t cross the line.”

“The length of the skirt is shocking.”

“If the skirt is that short, you can see all the hips behind you.”

“That’s not a fashion, it’s just a piece of cloth.”

What are your thoughts on this issue?

LE SSERAFIM Faces Multiple Controversy Over Sexualization – Will They Debut Successfully?

(Photo : LE SSERAFIM (Instagram))

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that LE SSERAFIM and HYBE were criticized for allegedly sexualizing members.

On April 4 and 10, the group’s outfits in their concept photos were called out for showing tennis uniforms and high heels. Since the members have underage members aged 15 and 16, netizens voiced out that the concept was “too sexy” for them.

(Photo : LE SSERAFIM (Instagram))

They also accused HYBE of objectifying tennis players, since no player does the sport while wearing heels.

On top of these, LE SSERAFIM also faced a bullying issue involving Kim Garam, which was later on denied by Source Music x HYBE.

As the debut of the group gets nearer, fans and K-Netz’s attention were focused on whether the group will attain success amid numerous controversies they were embroiled in.

(Photo : LE SSERAFIM (Instagram))

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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