ITZY members Chaeryeong and TREASURE member Bang Yedam are gaining attention for being two idols that look like siblings. Keep on reading to learn all of the details!

ITZY Chaeryeong and TREASURE Bang Yedam Look Like Actual Siblings

Several photos of ITZY member Chaeryeong and TREASURE member Bang Yedam were recently shared on various online South Korean community forums. Many people who saw the images were shocked with how similar the two idols looked to each other despite not being related.

Yedam Chaeryeong

(Photo : TREASURE Twitter | ITZY Instagram)

People pointed out that the two have similar mouths. When they smile, they both have gorgeous yet identical smiles. If people did not know them, they could pass off as siblings!

Some pointed that when they were younger, the two resembled each other more than they do now. However, as they still retained most of their features from their youth, the resemblance to this day is still uncanny.

Yedam Chaeryeong

(Photo : TREASURE Twitter | ITZY Instagram)

Additionally, both idols have dreamed of becoming idols ever since they were young, and both appeared as contestants on SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” although in different seasons. Bang Yedam appeared in season 2 of the show, while Chaeryeong appeared in season 3 with her sister Chaeyeon.

The two are similar in age, with Chareyeong born in 2001 and one year old than Bang Yedam, born in 2002.

Many were shocked to see the similarities between the two idols, with people saying they look like real siblings. People commented that they would not be surprised if they were to reveal that they were related, as Bang Yedam can easily pass off as Chaeryeong’s younger brothers.

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Others, however, claim that they have started to look like each other as they mature.

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TREASURE Recent Activities

In July, TREASURE members Doyoung and Junghwan tested positive for COVID-19. The group went into self-quarantine for two weeks following the announcement. Both members have since been cured.


(Photo : TREASURE Instagram)

On April 2, TREASURE made their Japanese television debut on Nippon TV’s music program “Buzz Rhythm.” There, the group performed the Japanese version of their debut song, “BOY.”

ITZY Recent Activities

ITZY is scheduled to release their first studio album, “Crazy in Love,” with the title track “Loco,” on September 24.


(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

On April 30, ITZY dropped their fourth mini-album “Guess Who” and its lead single “Mafia in the Morning.” On May 11, the said mini-album officially charted on the Billboard 200, debuting at peaking at number 200. In addition, the group released an English version of “Mafia in the Morning” on May 14.

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