After it was announced that Huening Bahiyyih would make her debut in the “Girls Planet 999” girl group, Kep1er, the upcoming idol has since then been receiving hate, to which her uncle revealed she knows about.

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Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih Draws Criticism Following Second Place Win on ‘Girls Planet 999’

Back on October 22, Mnet broadcasted the twelfth and final episode of “Girls Planet 999,” where the final top nine trainees were announced as the debut lineup of the upcoming girl group, Kep1er. Included in the lineup who finished at second place is none other than Huening Bahiyyih!

Prior to the start of the show, Huening Bahiyyih attracted attention and became the talk of the town for being the younger sister of Tomorrow X Together’s Hueningkai.

However, during the show, Huening Bahiyyih’s ranking was relatively low compared to the other trainees who made it within the final top nine.

Huening Bahiyyih

(Photo : Facebook: Girls Planet 999)

In fact, it was pointed out that Huening Bahiyyih was didn’t make it in the top nine in the previous episodes. And prior to the finale, she was ranked No. 13, leading many to believe that she may not make it to the final debut lineup.

But in a turn of events, Huening Bahiyyih was able to garner 923,567 votes during the announcement of the Kep1er members, landing her straight to second place.

Unfortunately, this quickly led to an onslaught of hate comments directed towards the 17-year old. Many have stated that Huening Bahiyyih didn’t deserve such a high rank, and that her ranking was only because she was known as Hueningkai’s sister.

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Huening Bahiyyih

(Photo : Facebook: Girls Planet 999)

Many also expressed their anger and disappointment that trainees Si Rui Qi, Fu Yaning, Kim Bora, and Kawaguchi Yurina didn’t make it into the Kep1er lineup.

While fans of Huening Bahiyyih came to her defense, even going as far as contacting her agency Play M Entertainment, the hate towards the up-and-coming idol didn’t cease, with even a national petition made against her.

Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih’s Uncle Reveals She is Aware of the Hate She is Receiving

With her final ranking becoming controversial, it’s not a surprise that Huening Bahiyyih is aware of it. In fact, her uncle, Vincent Huening, shared with a fan who goes by the handle @HIYYIHNAVVAB, that “Bahiyyih knew about the controversy and the negativity during Girls Planet 999,” confirming that she has read the malicious comments against her.

Huening Bahiyyih

(Photo : Twitter: @_girlsplanet999)

Fortunately, Vincent Huening says that despite the hate towards her, she got better as the show progressed and doesn’t think that it will have any effect on her career as a member of Kep1er. He also added that all three Huening siblings – Bahiyyih, Kai, and Lea – are confident in their abilities and talents.

Vincent Huening also urges fans to continue showing their support for Huening Bahiyyih in streaming her fancams and videos, as well as her activities in the future.

Huening Bahiyyih

(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

Lastly, her uncle also stated that for the final nine members to have made it where they are now, they must have had experienced frustration and disappointment, and due to Huening Bahiyyih’s brother, she became an easy target. Instead, he hopes that the hate surrounding her will disappear in the future.

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