Lee Dain garnered attention for her Instagram update. 

Back on August 4th, Lee Dain shared a photo of a blue sea and sky with the caption, “I’m just a woman who’s willing to live each day to the fullest. Because it’s your life, and you only live once. No one else can live your life for you. So I will bare all the bitterness, and cherish all the happiness in life.”

Image Source: Instagram ‘@xx__dain

Lee Dain is currently in a public relationship with actor Lee Seunggi. While nothing has been confirmed about the post, a lot of Netizens have been trying to find out what the actress really wanted to say.

Speculations of her parting with Lee Seunggi have also surfaced following the post. However, her agency 9ato Entertainment simply said that they don’t know much about the lovers’ situation. Similarly, Lee Seunggi’s agency Hook Entertainment said, “It’s difficult for us to confirm anything.”

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram ‘@xx__dain,’ The Qoo

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