The newly debuted girl group XG has been gathering the attention of fans worldwide after the release of their first single “Tippy Toes”.

The official music video has already surpassed over 6 million views on YouTube, showing the young girls’ unlimited potential as representatives of the new generation of girl groups.

The highlight was the originality and boldness of the group concept, which amazes the listeners with the style that does not follow K-pop nor Japanese pop patterns, as said by many fans in the video comments.

(Photo : XGALX/ Assessoria KoreaIN )

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“Tippy Toes” also became a hit on social media, making both fans and influencers follow the choreography of the single. The song not only conquered the internet but also the charts, reaching the Top 10 on the iTunes chart in seven countries, including the USA and Japan. The numbers on the streaming platforms are also impressive.

To celebrate the successful debut and gift fans, XG also shared the official dance practice of “Tippy Toes”. Showing synchronized dance moves in dynamic settings and scenarios, the septet displayed their talent and charisma following the addicting music and chorus that went viral among their supporters. Through this release, the members show the singularity that made them become one of the long-awaited groups of 2022.

In the comments section of each YouTube post, fans from different parts of the planet talk about their expectations with XG, saying how glad they are with the artists managed by XGALX. The global group started its official promotions in January, gathering attention since the first teaser and performance.

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Not fitting in only one music genre, XG explores HipHop and R&B, besides making references to street dance in their choreography. However, through the release of “Tippy Toes”, the abilities in singing and rapping were also highlighted.

The music video is available on XG’s official YouTube channel along with all pre-debut content. The song can be checked on the main music streaming platforms worldwide.

XG – Tippy Toes (Official Music Video)

XG – Tippy Toes (Choreography)

XG – Tippy Toes (Dance Practice Fix ver.)

XG – Tippy Toes (Dance Practice Moving ver.)


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