One of the most iconic, remarkable, and revolutionary animation series that changed the course and popularity of anime forever in the world, “Sailor Moon” still remains deeply beloved today. The “Sailor Moon” characters are role models and sources of inspiration, motivation, and more. At this point, “Sailor Moon” has proven its timelessness and continues to exercise influence on the millions of people whose childhoods were shaped by its characters.

Here are the 6 MONSTA X members as “Sailor Moon” characters!

1. ShowNu – Sailor Jupiter

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

Eternal Summer / Kodansha

Sailor Jupiter is the Soldier of Lightning and Strength. She’s passionate about honing her physical strength and at the same time, is deeply caring and enjoys housework. She does not shy away from taking care of the other scouts and is very domestic in nature. ShowNu is known as the “Dad” of the group. Needless to say, his physique is unmatched too! He’s definitely Sailor Jupiter.

2. MinHyuk – Sailor Moon

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

Evian / Kodansha

MinHyuk is the centre of MONSTA X’s universe. He loves being loved and also showers all his affection to the other members in return. Sailor Moon is the Soldier of Love and Justice. If that doesn’t fit perfectly with MinHyuk’s compassionate, sensitive and adorable nature, we don’t know what does.

3. KiHyun – Sailor Mars

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

MONSTA X’s Twitter / Zerochan

Sailor Mars is the Soldier of Fire and Passion. She’s elegant, focused, and pretty much a perfectionist. She’s also very empathetic but tends not to show it and rather, pretends to be annoyed and indifferent. KiHyun is known as the mother of the group who nags at the other but also cares about them the most. In addition, there couldn’t be a more passionate and perfect vocalist in all of K-Pop.

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4. HyungWon – Sailor Neptune

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

Starship Entertainment / Zerochan

Sailor Neptune is the epitome of grace and regalness, the Soldier of Ocean and Intuition. She’s strong-minded, dedicated and hard-working. She’s also a woman of many talents and is known for her slender, athletic physique. HyungWon has a statuesque figure and the visuals of a Prince. There’s a dignified air about him that he never loses. HyungWon is definitely Sailor Neptune.

5. JooHoney – Sailor Chibi Moon

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

H Pride / Kodansha

JooHoney is the adorable Sailor Chibi Moon. He might be the most hardcore rapper in the K-Pop industry but he’s also the master of aegyo. He’s fierce and intense on stage but an adorable softie off of it. Sailor Chibi Moon too does great things but at the end of the day, she’s a wide-eyed dreamer who craves love and affection.

6. I.M – Sailor Mercury

Reimagining The MONSTA X Members As "Sailor Moon" Characters

Scent of Lavender / Kodansha

Sailor Mercury is quiet and reserved, has a high IQ and is the Soldier of Water and Wisdom. As her name suggests, she has maturity beyond her age and is deeply understanding. I.M might be the maknae of the group but quite like Sailor Mercury, he too prefers to be private. However, like Sailor Mercury, he is playful and mischievous around those he is comfortable with.

Note: This list is just for fun!