Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung revealed that she thought Taeyeon and Tiffany would not debut with them. Keep on reading to learn why.

Sooyoung Thought Tiffany and Taeyeon Wouldn’t Debut With Girls’ Generation — This is Why

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This is Why Sooyoung Thought Tiffany and Taeyeon Would Not Debut With Girls’ Generation

On August 23, Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung shared a video on her YouTube channel where she looked back at old memories with Girls’ Generation.

While watching the video of the Girls’ Generation members while they were trainees, Sooyoung reminisced about her past prior to her debut. She recalled that when Hyoyeon was a trainee, she was adored and envied by everyone. She also remembers that though she was old 12 years old (Korean age) at the time, she would dye her hair often.


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Sooyoung then reveals that she thought Hyoyeon and Yuri would debut together, as they often performed as a unit when they were trainees.

When Seohyun’s audition tape came up, she gushed over how cute she looked. She states that though Seohyun was not a baby when she joined SM Entertainment, she looked really young. Because of that, Sooyoung would often put Seohyun on her lap and ask her what she wanted to be when she grows up. Sooyoung laughs as she looks back at this, saying that they are only one year apart. She wonders why she thought of Seohyun as such a baby.


(Photo : the sootory 더수토리 on YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

When a photo of Taeyeon appeared, she revealed she initially thought she would not be debuting with Girls’ Generation. Why? Because she thought Taeyeon would debut as a soloist! “Her singing skills were at another level. So I honestly did not even think for a second that she would become part of Girls’ Generation as the main vocal,” she confessed.

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(Photo : the sootory 더수토리 on YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

She then added that she also thought Tiffany would not debut with Girls’ Generation, but for another reason entirely. She reveals she thought Tiffany would not join the group because she joined the company later than most of the members. Tiffany is the member with the second to the least training time, having trained for three years and seven months.


(Photo : the sootory 더수토리 on YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

While that is still long, Sooyoung trained almost double that — she trained for six years and three months. Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica trained the longest, training under SM Entertainment for seven years and six months. Yoona follows her, training her for seven years and two months.

Sooyoung continued to talk about Tiffany, wondering why the “Lips on Lips” singer keeps growing her hair out these days. Sooyoung comments that Tiffany looked great with short hair during the group’s early debut days.

Girls’ Generation + Sooyoung’s Recent Activities

Back on July 28, 2021, News1 reported that Girls’ Generation would be making an appearance with all eight members on “Yoo Quiz on the Block.” It was later confirmed that the members would appear on the show, making it their first full group broadcast since 2017.

Girls' Generation

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On August 25, Girls’ Generation appeared in the preview for the upcoming “Yoo Quiz on the Block.”

On April 30, 2021, it was reported that Sooyoung would appear in the Netflix original series “Move to Heaven: I Am A Relic Organizer.” Prior to that, Sooyoung starred in the JTBC drama “Run On.”

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