GIRLS PLANET 999” is one of the most popular Korean survival shows airing at the moment. Fans especially love that the show focuses on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members who will form a debut group.

Many of the contestants are already netizens’ favorites and have fans of the show watching their performances over and over again.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most viewed performances (on Mnet’s YouTube channel) from “GIRLS PLANET 999” as of Aug. 26, 2021.

Disclaimer: In the case that Mnet has two versions of the performance uploaded (an aired version and full version) their views will be combined. The video with the most views will be posted in this article.

1. ‘Boombayah’ by BLACKPINK – 6,352,513 views

2. ‘Crazy’ by 4MINUTE – 6,230,297 views

3. ‘How You Like That’ by BLACKPINK (Plan Girls ver.) – 4,691,869 views

4. ‘Fancy’ by TWICE – 3,959,386 views

5. ‘Helicopter’ by CLC – 3,884,147 views

6. ‘Yes or Yes’ by TWICE (Keep Missing You ver.) – 3,805,434 views

7. ‘Kick It’ by NCT 127 – 3,732,882 views

8. ‘Black Mamba’ by aespa – 3,706,579 views

9. ‘Bubble Pop’ by HyunA – 3,607,770 views

10. ‘Dumdi Dumdi’ by (G)I-DLE – 2,819,768 views

Which one was your favorite performance?


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