With Tiktok being a major social media platform popular for its short-video form, it’s no surprise that numerous trends pop up every now and then. And K-Pop is no stranger to that!

As K-Pop is gradually taking the world by storm, we are seeing more and more K-Pop songs on Tiktok going viral – even non-K-Pop fans are joining in on the fun!

With that, here are 10 K-Pop songs that went viral on Tiktok!

1. Zico – ‘Any Song’

Zico’s 2020 hit song, “Any Song,” went viral on Tiktok after Zico posted a video of himself dancing to the song with numerous fellow K-Pop stars. Soon, other Korean celebrities and fans from around the world joined the dance trend.

2. TWICE – ‘What Is Love’

The popular TWICE song, “What Is Love,” trended on Tiktok after fans started sharing videos of themsevles dancing to the song’s addicting chorus. In fact, it go so popular that “What Is Love” charted once again on iTunes!

3. Jessi – ‘NUNU NANA’

When Jessi released her song “NUNU NANA,” she also posted a video of herself dancing the choreography on Tiktok, bringing in other Korean celebrities to join the fun. It didn’t take long for people from all around the world to show off their dance skills as well.

4. BTS – ‘Permission to Dance’

When BTS launched the “Permission to Dance” challenge, numerous fans were quick to join and dance to the sign language moves of the song, while others danced to its energetic chorus. Numerous world-renowned celebrities, such as Elton John, even did the challenge!

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5. APINK – ‘Dumhdurum’

APINK’s “Dumhdurum” went viral for a different reason on Tiktok, after a user shared a video of Naeun and Bomi doing the rather confusing hand dance. Tiktokers decided to give the dance a try, and shared their attempt at performing the tricky moves.

6. Oh My Girl – ‘Dolphin’ (Arin and TXT’s Soobin version)

Back in 2020, TXT’s Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin performed their version of the girl group’s song “Dolphin” for “Music Bank.” A fancam of Soobin performing the song later became viral on Tiktok. Since then, many have recreated the dance and the song has been used by numerous users for transformation videos.

7. BLACKPINK – ‘Pretty Savage’

BLACKPINK went viral on Tiktok with their song “Pretty Savage.” While majority showed off their fierce dance moves to the song’s choreography, many also used the song to show their savage makeup transformations.


ITZY’s “WANNABE” went viral shortly after the song’s release, with many fans trying to recreate Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance. K-Pop idols also joined in on the trend, and thankfully, no one dislocated their shoulder!

9. aespa – ‘Next Level’

aespa’s 2021 song, “Next Level,” also became viral on and off Tiktok, with numerous Korean celebrities and fans sharing videos of themselves dancing to the song’s addicting chorus. Just hearing the lyrics “I’m on the next..,” will automatically get your body dancing to the song!

10. ENHYPEN – ‘Fever’

Although the song is a B-side track, “Fever” was able to go viral on Tiktok after ENHYPEN’s choreography caught people’s attention. Soon, Tiktok became filled with many people dancing to the song’s chorus!

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