These five K-pop idols are known for their unique feline-like visuals. Keep on reading to see who they are!

(Photo : Jennie Instagram | BTS Facebook)

1. THE BOYZ Juyeon


(Photo : THE BOYZ Twitter)

THE BOYZ member Juyeon is known for his deep, cat-like eyes. Just one glance at this male idol will have you drowning in his beauty! What else would you expect from one of the official visuals of the group? While Juyeon may seem cold and intimidating on the outside, Deobis will tell you that he is an actual goofball!



(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

BLACKPINK member Jennie is one of the female K-pop idols who is famous for her attractive cart eyes. The idol’s image is delicate and noble, just like a cat! Thanks to her unique eye shape, Jennie is able to look both haughty and chic as well as cute and innocent. She is the queen of duality!

3. BTS Suga


(Photo : BTS Twitter)

BTS member Suga is another idol who is well-known for his feline-like visuals. Whether he is laughing, angry, eating, or even just lost in his thoughts, the idol looks just like a cat! Even his heart is like a cat’s — sensitive and soft, fragile yet strong. Due to his resemblance to cats, ARMYs (BTS’s fanbase) have given the Suga the nickname “Lil Meow Meow.”

4. Weki Meki Kim Doyeon


(Photo : Kim Doyeon Instagram)

Kim Doyeon, who gained fame as a member of I.O.I and is now promoting as a member of Weki Meki, is another female idol who is known for her cat-like visuals! The idol’s feline-like visuals give her a high-class aura. That, paired with her beautiful jawline and towering height of 173cm, makes her one of K-pop’s top visuals!

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(Photo : SEVENTEEN Instagram)

Wonwoo’s long and narrow eyes are what give him his feline-like visuals! Due to his eye shape, dark eye make-up tends to suit him when he performs on stage. As a result, when he raps, the idol looks charismatic and fierce. But do not be fooled — CARATs know that this male idol is an actual softie.

While some say that Wonwoo has more fox-like visuals, others agree that his visuals are more cat-like, while Woozi is the member with a more fox-like look.

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