Following the success of “Street Woman Fighter,” a male version of the show is in the making, and fans are already guessing which male idol could possibly join the show.

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Mnet Confirms ‘Street Man Fighter’ in Summer 2022

Back in August 2021, Mnet premiered their first-ever all-female dance survival show called “Street Woman Fighter,” which featured eight dance crews competing to become Korea’s best female dance crew.

The show went on to become highly successful both in South Korea and around the world, with the spin-off “Street Dance Girls Fighter,” featuring female high school students, being made in light of the show’s worldwide popularity.

Now, Mnet has confirmed the male version of the show called “Street Man Fighter,” and revealed that it is scheduled to broadcast sometime in summer of this year through the release of a teaser.

It was also reported that “Street Man Fighter” would have started production earlier, however, there had been issues with casting the show’s dancers.

In light of the news, many are now guessing which male K-Pop idol could possibly join the show, either as a judge or contestant, following the participation of former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon in “Street Woman Fighter” as part of the WANT crew.

With that, here are some of the fans’ predictions on which male idol will join.

7 Male K-Pop Idols Who are Predicted to Join Mnet’s ‘Street Man Fighter’

*In no particular order

1. Block B U-Kwon


(Photo : Instagram: @uk_0530)

U-Kwon is the lead dancer of Block B and is also known as one of the top dancers among idols in the industry, and would often share his dance skills on his social media! In 2016, he had participated as a contestant for Mnet’s dance program “Hit the Stage,” so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he joins the show.

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2. Former INFINITE Hoya (Lee Ho Won)


(Photo : Instagram: @isayhousayya)

Lee Ho Won, most commonly known as Hoya, used to be the main dancer of INFINITE. Prior to his debut as INFINITE, he used to be hip-hop and street dancer. Just like U-Kwon, Hoya also participated as a contestant for Mnet’s “Hit the Stage,” and was even a dance coach for KBS2’s “Dancing High,” making him a top contender as a participant for the show.

3. AB6IX Park Woo Jin

AB6IX Woojin

(Photo : Facebook: AB6IX)

Former Wanna One member Park Woo Jin is currently the main dancer of AB6IX. Prior to debuting as an idol, Park Woo Jin had been active in street dancing, and is skilled in different types of dance such as popping, locking, krumping, and b-boying.

4. BIGFLO Euijin


(Photo : Instagram: @euijin_bigflo_daonez)

Euijin, formerly known as Lo-J, is also the main dancer of BIGFLO, as his specialty is dancing. In fact, he is also part of the dance crew Da’onez, with his dance specialty being popping.

As a member of BIGFLO, Euijin is one of the people who makes the choreography for the group, and has also participated in dance programs such as Mnet’s “Somebody” and 1theK’s “Dance War.”

5. HOTSHOT Roh Taehyun


(Photo : Instagram: @roh_taehyun)

HOTSHOT member Roh Taehyun is currently the group’s main dancer. He used to be a member of the dance group Krump prior to his debut, and is now a member of hip-hop dance crew Monster WOO FAM.

6. Former BIGSTAR Feeldog


(Photo : Instagram: @fxxldoggssy)

Back when Feeldog was still part of BIGSTAR, he was the group’s dancer. In the past, Feeldog was part of an underground hip-hop dance crew called “Two O’Clock” in Busan along with longtime friend Hoya. He also participated in dance programs, such as Mnet’s “Hit the Stage,” and also shares his dance videos on his social media.

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7. ONEUS Hwanwoong

ONEUS Hwanwoong

(Photo : Twitter: @official_ONEUS)

Hwanwoong is the main dancer of ONEUS, with his dance specialties being waacking, locking, and street dancing. In 2017, Hwanwoong joined the second season of “Produce 101,” where he finished at No. 42. Despite not being able to debut through the show, fans remembered him for his amazing dance skills, and was considered as the best dancer among all the contestants.

Who do you want to see in “Street Man Fighter”?

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