Here are nine K-pop artists that no longer accept gifts from fans.



(Photo : BLACKPINK Twitter)

On October 12, YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK would no longer accept gifts other than letters. The company announced that the members themselves decided this and encouraged their fans to spend their money on good causes, such as helping the less fortunate or for charity work.

2. IU


(Photo : IU Twitter)

IU has constantly rejected gifts from fans, even telling them straight up not to buy her gifts. During an interview, IU mentioned that she is rich now, so she no longer needs to accept gifts. She even joked that fans should not take away the happiness of buying gifts for herself away from her!

3. BIGBANG G-Dragon


(Photo : Nicole Voon (Wikimedia Commons))

In 2011, G-Dragon released a handwritten letter announcing that he would no longer receive gifts. He said that it was enough for him to have his fans by his side. He wrote that he would rather spend meaningful time and create memories with his fans than receive gifts in his letter.

4. Super Junior Heechul

Kim Heechul

(Photo : News1)

Heechul once said that he only has two hands even if he were to receive gifts from fans. If he were to accept gifts from some fans and not others, they would be sad, so he would rather not accept the gift. In addition, he said in a fan meeting that fans would often buy him brand-name gifts, “But even if I don’t wear branded outfits, I am a shining person,” he said. “So I don’t need it!”

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5. SHINee Taemin


(Photo : Sweetcandy (Wikimedia Commons))

In 2013, Taemin posted a letter on his official website. He said that he often receives gifts from fans and thanks them for that, but reveals that he would rather pass this love to those in need. Then, the gifts will be more meaningful to him. He again thanks fans for their kindness and says that he hopes they can understand his thoughts.



(Photo : vixxensation (Wikimedia Commons))

During an autograph session in the past, VIXX member N told fans that they should not come there to give gifts but to see them. He publicly stated that he would no longer be accepting gifts from fans.

7. BTS


(Photo : BTS Twitter)

BTS used to ask fans not to give them expensive gifts, but ARMYs would often not listen. However, in 2018, BTS shared an official notice through their fan cafe, stating that they will no longer accept gifts other than letters after much discussion. They said that they hope everyone will turn their feelings into words and refrain from spending money.

8. EXO Chen, D.O, and Xiumin

Chen D.O Xiumin

(Photo : Newsen)
(L-R): Chen, Xiumin, D.O

On their fancafe, Chen stated that he stopped receiving gifts to refrain from misunderstandings with EXO-L. D.O. and Xiumin also chose to no longer accept gifts, with Xiumin saying that he would rather accept fans’ love and care than gifts, as love and care lasts longer.

9. JYP Entertainment Artists


(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

All JYP Entertainment artists do not accept gifts. They only accept anniversary banners, handwritten letters, and donation certificates. All idols under the company abided by the rules. They do not need expensive gifts; the support from fans is all they need!

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