“Bubble Pop” singer HyunA answered a fans’ question about her plan to marry her longtime boyfriend DAWN. Want to know what her response is? Then, continue reading!

When Will HyunA Marry DAWN? Female Idol Answers Question through Her Instagram Story

On Oct. 10, HyunA took the time to have a question-and-answer session with the fans through her Instagram story, and one of the questions that caught the idol’s attention is about her marriage plans.

HyunA and DAWN

(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

One fan asked, “When are you going to get married?” HyunA simply replied, “I don’t know. I can’t match my mood, Leviosa.”

The “I’m Not Cool” singer also answered a fan’s question about the song she likes the most at the moment. And, she responded that it is the song that DAWN is writing these days.

When asked to share a TMI (Too Much Information) that day, HyunA revealed that she will cut her hair short.

HyunA and DAWN

(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

Meanwhile, HyunA and DAWN have been dating since May 2016, but it was only until August 2018 when they announced their romantic relationship to the public.

The two K-pop idols grew close with each other when they were working as members of the sub-unit Triple H under CUBE Entertainment.

When HyunA appeared on the variety show “Knowing Bros,” she unveiled that she had a crush on DAWN, who was still a CUBE trainee and was preparing to debut.

HyunA and DAWN

(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

At first, DAWN had no special feelings for HyunA, but he eventually developed romantic feelings for her. And so, when the female idol made a bold confession, he didn’t want to waste time and make things official between them right away.

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Because of their long-lasting relationship, many fans can’t help but wonder when they plan to get married.

Are you also curious about when the K-pop celebrity couple plan to marry each other?

HyunA and DAWN Release First-Ever Duet Album “1+1=1”

In other news, DAWN and HyunA dropped their first mini-album together this past September.

On Sept. 9, the couple’s mini-album “1+1=1” was released together with the music video for the title song, “PING PONG.”

“PING PONG” was co-composed by DAWN and HyunA alongside other composers. Also, it contains lyrics that the couple wrote. The track adorably conveys the chemistry of a couple in love.

In the first week since its release, HyunA and DAWN’s mini-album sold 6,240 copies on the Hanteo Chart. A total of 6,543 more copies were sold in its second week.

At 7 p.m. KST on Sept. 9, “PING PONG” debuted on various Korean music charts. It entered MelOn’s Latest 24Hits at No. 5, Bugs at No. 8, and Genie at No. 58.

On Sept. 10 at 8 a.m. KST, HyunA and DAWN’s “PING PONG” landed at No. 55 on MelOn’s Top 100.

HyunA and DAWN

(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

Moreover, the mini-album entered iTunes charts in 15 different countries. It ranked inside the Top 10 in eight countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Mexico, and Turkey.

“1+1=1” also debuted on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart at No. 10, as well as on the European iTunes Album Chart at No. 13.

While “PING PONG” landed at No. 141 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, it also ranked on iTunes Song charts in eight countries as of Sept. 10.

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